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A new painting for our Dining Room…

Hey, it’s been awhile……….. I have been wanting a big-ish painting for our dining room, and I had a 24″ x 30″ canvas laying around, and today I actually started working on it, yay!! Since I haven’t done any figurative … Continue reading

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Painted House Numbers

(As usual, click an image to see it bigger, in a new Tab) We don’t currently have a very pretty house number sign, and I decided to make one.  This was a terrifically easy project. I painted a piece of … Continue reading

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TinyShop ….

So, my TinyShop at Nest Collective is SLOOOWWWLLLY coming together.  Paul and Chuck built me a wall (No Trump Jokes!!! ha ha ha), and Lorna helped me a LOT with staging it. The Wall The Products – I’d like to … Continue reading

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Working With a Theme – Moon and Heron

Well, this was an interesting exercise.  Again, using a moon as a background, this will use a Heron as the focal point.  If you’re a watercolor “purist”, just stop reading right now!  I used watercolors, a gold pen, a black … Continue reading

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Holy Exploding Plastic Bottles, Batman!

And this is why I have “studio” clothes…. Do you ever see interviews with artists and they’re wearing regular, clean street clothes?  I’m like “Really??  C’mon on, you NEVER get paint on your clothes (or your face or in your … Continue reading

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Goin’ Batty

I’m not sure if ANYONE will like this one, but bats are sooo cool, that I had to do one.  This is small, 10″ x 10″, and I kinda like it.  I did it in reverse from the previous ones.  … Continue reading

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Octopus – Oooops…

I’ve been working from Royalty Free Photographs for the last few paintings, including the Octopus.  I was just starting a smaller version, using the same photograph, when I noticed that I’d left out part of the head on the big … Continue reading

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