I started out, like most people, believing that I could NOT draw.  Only “artists” can draw, and hey, it’s way too scary to call myself an artist.  Then I took a drawing course with Bill Porteous.  OMG, it’s a MIRACLE!  I can DRAW!  Apparently, it’s not magic when someone draws, it’s simply learned technique, what a revelation.  Bill Porteous believes that ANYONE can learn how to draw, and he certainly made a believer out of me.


Crow and June Bug



Horse w Cat on Back

Cat is badly drawn, but I like the horse


Ravens Beak




2 Responses to Drawings

  1. Jack says:

    Tnx Cher, u have sparked my brain, I am unable to draw a stick man, your web site is to me very very good….Jack, from Campbell River

    • mckitt123 says:

      Hey Jack, thanks for your kind words! If you ever want to try hand-building with clay, just let me know and I’ll bring some stuff up to CR next time we visit………….cher

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