Frazier Fish

These fish were made in loving memory of Frazier Peterson, who will always be in our hearts and our minds.  He was loved by so many people, and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t think of him or mention his name.  This was the most meaningful, emotional, difficult, and healing project that I have ever completed and I thank Chuck and Lorna for allowing me this honor.

Home_Lorna and Chuck1_Resized

Two fish were originally created so that they could be released into places that he and his buddies used to fish at.  They were designed so that they could hold his ashes; they were tied with a wet leather thong that tightened as it dried.  However, as the time came to let them go, we soon discovered that many of us wanted a visible token as a memory of Frazier, something that we’d see every day, that would make us think of him, and make us smile, so a few more were made, to keep.  More requests came in for these fish, and now, 2 have been released into the water (one more still to go into Nanaimo Lakes), and 13 more were given to people who were important in Frazier’s life.

Greenware – here are some of the fish before they’ve gone into the kiln

Greenware6 Greenware3 Greenware5

Most came out of the kiln successfully

Six Bisqued Successfully (2)

A couple exploded in the kiln, sigh……

So Frustrating (2)

Then I began painting them by hand

Being Painted6 Being Painted2 Being Painted5

Here are a few of them, completely painted

Done (9) Done1 Done (3) Done (7)

And here are a few that have found their home

Home_Lou and Hector Home_Cher and Paul Home_Darren  Home_Lorna and Chuck_Best_Cropped

Here are a few that didn’t make the cut.  A huge grouper, a strange and wonderful Sturgeon, a really happy, Walt Disney’ish guy…

Third Attempt7 Greenware1 Strange Sturgeon

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