Pear1 Pear2

I LOVE working with clay.

I love the feel of it, how malleable it is, how forgiving.  I took a course (at MISSA) with Bob Kingsmill and it got me totally revved up about clay again.  The guy is a genius, and wickedly funny.  While regaling us with hilarious tales of his life, he’d create a huge face in minutes.  He’d lay down a couple logs of clay, make a movement with his fingers, and voila, he’d made perfect lips.  It was just magical to watch him.  If you ever get a chance to go to one his classes, JUMP AT IT!!

***Celestial Orbs***Bowls***Creepy Faces***

***Figures-Human’ish***Frazier’s Fish***Hearts***

***Garden Faces*** Heads***Little Houses***

***Lizard King***Raven***Talking Sticks

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