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So, this one was a disappointment. The initial pencil drawing was good. Then I added Indelible Ink Pen, but apparently I bought FAKE Sakura Micron Pens and they ran like mad, and made the whole painting really muddy.  (So, if … Continue reading

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TinyShop ….

So, my TinyShop at Nest Collective is SLOOOWWWLLLY coming together.  Paul and Chuck built me a wall (No Trump Jokes!!! ha ha ha), and Lorna helped me a LOT with staging it. The Wall The Products – I’d like to … Continue reading

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Tiger Number 2 – Finished

Well, this one is OK, and definitely good enough to put in the show, but it’s not one of my favorites.  I’m not sure WHY I like  the first tiger  better, though….. Anyway, I added a bit more white to the face, … Continue reading

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Tiger Number 2

I’ve decided that it’s important to have 3 different Price Points when I’m at the Art Show, so I’m doing a few paintings on 10″ x 10″ canvasses.  I just started this tiger – frankly, it’s not as good as … Continue reading

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Damn Tiger – Revisited

So, 5 previous posts were about a tiger’s head done in watercolors on a huge piece (30″ x 20″) of 300 lb wc paper.  One I tore up, and one had some good bits in it, but overall, neither piece was … Continue reading

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Gah, I am SO frustrated!! I did a second tiger, and I’ve easily spent 4-6 hours on this piece. I’m about 95% done, and it’s simply an OK-for-an-amature piece. grrrrrrrrrrr…. I think I might be DONE with Tigers in Watercolor. … Continue reading

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The BADLY DRAWN Tiger – DeConstructed/ReConstructed Art

I’ve been corresponding with a woman from California (KS) for the past couple of days because I’m sending her some Scrollsaw Books. She…is…HILARIOUS!! Here are some strange excerpts from some of the emails: On Retiring soon: KS: I need to … Continue reading

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Watercolor Tiger – PRACTICE Version Done

Well, this is definitely just a PRACTICE piece, and although I put at least 4 hours in on it, it was time well spent, because I learned tons. I actually have a list of steps that I’ll use on the … Continue reading

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Watercolor Tiger Part 2

Boy, I’ve learned a lot with this painting. This piece will be for PRACTICE only, it’s so beat up at this point! The Mr Clean Magic Eraser DOES work, I’m pretty impressed. I used a Staining color, so I really … Continue reading

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Watercolor Tiger – Part 1

I’ve started a large 30 x 22 watercolor painting of a tiger head, partly hidden by jungle palm fronds. I wish I’d taken a couple more “before” pics, so that you could have seen the progression of this painting at … Continue reading

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