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Watercolor Christmas Cards 2017

Well, I had another WONDERFUL day in the studio with the ladies……  Lou and Lorna have painted before, but this is only the 3rd time for Gwen, and she knocked it out of the Park!  Everyone created beautiful cards, plus … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards 2016

Another little card, ready to go. When I do Christmas Cards, I ALWAYS do them with watercolors.  No particular reason, other than habit – it just felt like the “right” medium. For some reason, on this one I used Acrylics.  … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards for 2016

Here are my first two for this year Cow –  Not really all that Christmas-y, is it?  The original also had Mistletoe on his collar, but it looked so scratchy that I didn’t add it. Chicken – Is it obvious … Continue reading

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Arting With Lorna – Post 3

Lorna’s been working quite independently of me, and man, she is ROCKIN’ it!  She’s using great colors, and taking chances with non-typical color choices for her drawings. Here’s what I’ve done: Added color to a previously drawn frog A REALLY … Continue reading

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Watercolor Christmas Cards

Yay, another fabulous day in the studio.  7 women and Jen and I – it was cosy, but we made it work!  Jen and I both did demos, and walked around providing assistance.  Jen very generously shared her paper and paints and tools, … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards in the Studio

Well, apparently I forgot to post this – cue music!  Mighta been the whiskey, coulda been the gin, coulda been the 3 or  4 six packs, I don’t know……….anywaaaayyy……….. Had the ladies over in October LAST YEAR, and made these … Continue reading

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Watercolor Christmas Cards

Spent an afternoon arting with Jen.  This is always so inspiring, and fun, and as usual, although we’re working on the same idea or process, our pieces turn out quite differently from each other. We did a Santa each, and … Continue reading

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