Acrylic Paint Pouring – 4

This one is huge – 30″ x 40″.  It did not turn out at all like I was intending, it’s way too busy.  But as usual, I learned a lot.  For instance, I tried to do a second pour to touch up some spots.  Nope, not happening…  The paint doesn’t move the same way, and I ended up with texture that I didn’t want.

I’ve noticed that on most of the tutorials on the ‘net about this process, people are using 6″ x 6″, or 10″ x 10″, canvasses.  Now I know why – this took MASSIVE amounts of paints.

I’m going to try it with high gloss house paint next, for the base colors, to see if I can do it more cheaply, yet still get the same effects.

This is currently hanging in our powder room.  When you stand at the sink, looking into the mirror, it shows up behind you, and is pretty dang gorgeous.

 Some of the close up detail:


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Acrylic Paint Pouring – Free Pour

So, here’s the 3rd one in this series.  There are a number of different ways to get the paint onto the canvas.  One is a “flip cup” pour.  Multiple colors of paint are put into one cup, you invert the canvas over the cup, flip the canvas, and lift the cup – Whooooosh, color spreads in a magical and uncontrolled way.  That’s how I did the previous two canvases.

Another way is to, again, put multiple colors in one cup, but simply pour the paint out onto the canvas; you are able to put the color in slightly more specific areas.  I’m going to call that a Free Pour, and that’s how I did this one.  I used a much larger canvas (12″ 36″), and it was waaaay trickier to get the paint to move to where I wanted it to be.  And by “way trickier” I mean it did whatever it wanted and I had absolutely no control, ha!

This photo doesn’t even come close to showing the gorgeous-ness of this piece.  I’ve got so much light in my studio (lucky lucky lucky!!!) that there is glare all over when I’m trying to take a shot.  This canvas was still very wet when I took the photos.  (If you click on the photos, they should open in a new tab, and they’ll display in a bigger format)

And here are some close-up shots

I love this one SOOOOOO much!  I can’t wait to hang it!

This is interesting – I noticed that the previous two canvases looked slightly different the day after I’d taken pictures of them.  Obviously, the paint keeps moving and reacting for quite some time…..


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Acrylic Paint Pouring – First Attempt

So, this is my latest obsession.  Mixing acrylic paint, and Pouring Medium, and a touch of Liquid Silicon, and then pouring the paint onto a 10″ x 10″ canvas.  If you want to see HOW to do it, google “dirty cup pour” on YouTube.

This was my very first attempt, and I really like it

Here’s my second one – even better

If you don’t like abstracts, I’m sure these just look like a bunch of colors all swished together, but it’s actually quite tricky to get the colors right.  To me, they are like magical mystical swirls of beautifulness…………….

Neither of these two have a focal point, so I’m hoping that my next few will be more controlled.

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Illustrating a Kid’s Book – Part 3

I have pretty much decided on the general color palette – lime green, hot pink, and turquoise blue.  I WILL actually be using many different pictures of P’s face; this just happens to be the one I printed out in the correct size.

This is what I envision the last page looking like – P with a bunch of stuffies, in bed, with soothing rhyming words about going to sleep.

That page will have more detail to show that it’s a bed.

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Illustrating a Kid’s Book – Part 2

A few more attempts at narrowing down what the Girl’s general characteristics will be.  For instance, P rarely wears dresses, so she’ll mostly be wearing leggings and t-shirts in the book.

Her face will be completely and seamlessly incorporated into the image in the final stage.  These are just rough sketches for content, color, and sizing.

Not sure about this one with the bat, although I love the idea of drawing her from the back and not having to deal with getting her sweet little face in there!  That bat needs work.   A LOT of work!  But I like the idea, because bats are hilarious.  Well, to me, anyway….

This kid LOVES to dance!  I’m thinking probably flamingos or elephants in tutus.

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Illustrating a Kid’s Book

When our first grandchild was born (M), I did a book for her full of photographs and rhyming words, all about her first day in the world.  It was kinda awesome.

Naturally, I intended to do something similar for our 2nd grandchild (P).  Well, P is 5 now, so that shipped has sailed….  I’ve decided to do a book for her, with the theme being all the imagined adventures she goes on in a single day.  I’ll use 300 lb watercolor paper, acrylics, and since I can’t do realistic portraits, photos of her face incorporated into the art.

I started today, and have only just realized what an undertaking this will be.  I don’t do a lot of figures when I sketch; I don’t do cartooning; I don’t know how to develop a character so that it’s consistent in more then one drawing.  YIKES!!!!

I copied a few figures from the ‘net, and have decided that the figure will be long and thin, with gangly arms and legs, and the head will be disproportionately large.

Here’s a sample of what I’m going for by adding her adorable little face.

I’m HOPING that I’ll be able to add the face to the figure with clear Matte Medium without all the colored ink smearing, but I don’t feel particularly confident that it’ll work.

We’ll see………………

By the way, she doesn’t have gunk all over her chin, the picture got wet and the ink smudged…..

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Filling Up The Pages…..

A long long long time ago, I said that one of my goals was to have 2-feet-high worth of Journals completed before I die. Man, I’ve got a lonnnnnnng way to go!

SOOOO, in an effort to move this along, I did two pages today. I’ve been seeing a lot of Cartoon-Style Journaling lately, and decided to try it.

The first one is a Challenge from Jen – Self Portrait. Now, she does really really good, and realistic, drawings of people. Me? Not so much. This is me enjoying my ideal day.  We don’t actually have a cat anymore, but someday down the road we will.

The second one was a prompt from a Blogger who draws every day – What are you afraid of? I really truly AM scared of the dark, and specifically of Hairy, long-armed Monsters under the bed. No Lie….

Well, they are definitely cartoony, but I know that I’ll feel compelled to “explain” these ones when people flip through my Journal – they are not pages that I am proud of.  On the other hand, just being in studio felt good………

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