More Acrylic Pours…

A couple more pours on old Records.  I just love doing these, you have no idea what’s going to happen…  At least, I don’t, anyway….

All the colors I used (Plus black – poured onto the record before I flipped the cups)

What it looks like inside the cups

The two Record Pours

These are 2 teeny tiny pours (4″ x 4″), using up the leftover paint

Then I smooshed a 3″ x 2.5″ piece of watercolor onto the drippings

My butane flame thrower is just covered in paint, but it still works.

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A Blast From The Past….

Man, I should clean out my studio more often….  I found all these pieces tucked into a file folder.  They are REALLY old.  Like maybe 8 or 10 years old.  Some are experimental, some are pretty decent, actually.  I’ll be selling them at the BoHo Market at the Nest Collective on Saturday August 26th for dirt cheap…..  Maybe $15?

They’re all watercolor, with the exception of the turtle, which is Watercolor Pencils, and 9″x12″.

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Owl On The Moon….

Boy, it’s been waaaay to long since I’ve posted anything.  I was in the studio today, cleaning up, and I found about 8 pieces that I’d completely forgotten about.  I’ll be at the BoHo Market at Nest Collective on Saturday August 26th, so I decided to get them framed up for sale.

I buy frames at garage sales, or when they’re super-crazy-cheap at Michael’s, and so I thought I’d very easily find frames to match my existing paintings – No Such Luck.

I managed to get one piece into a frame.  None of the other frames fit.  From now on, I’ll be cutting the paper to fit a specific frame BEFORE I paint it, gahhh!

Here’s the one that I managed to fit into a frame.

I’ll be sitting outside painting at the BoHo Market, so drop by to see me if you’re in the neighborhood!

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Watercolor Crab…

I haven’t done a watercolor painting in a long long time, so I thought I’d do one up for my TinyShop at Nest Collective.

It’s still a work in progress. It’s about 12 inches x 15 inches. The background will be a really deep, intense Prussian Blue, and I’ll probably drop some salt into it.

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Something Different

I’ve seen “art kits” on the ‘net, and thought I’d try to make one.  Basically, it’s some kind of compact, portable storage for art supplies so that you can paint on-the-go.

Sadly, this involves sewing, and I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine….  OK, mostly hate………

I kind of like how this turned out, but I won’t be making any to sell, it’s waaaaaaaaay too labor intensive.

Here’s the inside

With stuff in it

YES, it’s a Star Wars tin for my paints, ha!

And the outside – I love the graffiti look of it.

Folded closed – it’ll have a button-loop mechanism to keep it closed.

After I’d taken all the pictures, I remembered that I put scotch tape down, in the shape of the word “ART”, before I started painting.  Here it is peeled off; I actually like it way better without the word.

Honestly, it’s just so much easier to throw all my stuff into a Crown Royal Bag………………




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A little bit of woodworking…

I’ve completed two of these “Garden Tour” signs for my TinyShop at Nest Collective.  They’re 26″ in length.  It takes me forever to paint the details and text, I’ve got to figure out a way to speed up that process by making my own stencils.  Each sign is two-sided so that you can hang it in either direction.

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Cosmic Art…

I’m still just loving the process and the outcome of these acrylic pours.  Here’s the latest one that I did on an old Record.

These colors are little more muted than the previous ones, and I quite like the color combo.

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