I am really enjoying drawing faces and figures……….  I sketched this sexy lady from a photo of a Clay and Cloth Doll that someone had made and posted on the ‘net……

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Ink and Wash Face

I was trying to follow a YouTube Tutorial for drawing faces with watercolor, but the instructor went really fast.  Instead of pausing it, I just kept throwing paint onto the page and hoped for the best.

Surprise!  That plan didn’t work and I ended up with a horrible mess.  I left it for a couple days, and then went back into it with ink, and Voila – I now LOVE this piece!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, here’s a photo of one of the streets in the gated community that we stayed at over Christmas, in Mesa.

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Such Varied Skill………….

Do you find that your skill level at drawing and/or painting varies day by day?  Man, mine sure does, and I don’t know what makes this so…

Here are three cats that I drew and/or painted within about a week.  The first two are great, but the last one?  What’s up with that ?

I love this one.  It’s a fairly simple line drawing using pencil and pen, with just a touch of color for the eye.

And this one turned out well, also.  Sketched in pencil, then finished in watercolor.

But seriously!  This one!  gahhhhhhhh



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Wall Hung Moon – Finished

The finished fired clay piece –  it’s about 12″ across.  It exceeded my expectations!

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More Clay Play …..

And one more Piece before I fire up the Kiln. This will be wall hung; it’s about 12″ across.

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Putting My Trust in ArtResin…

Do you ever have one of those projects where the items you’re using in it are SO important to you that, if it goes wrong, and those items are ruined, it would be devastating?

I’m doing that very thing right now.

My wonderful mum collected brooches and pins, and man, her collection was Extensive!  She and her sister had a friendly rivalry going on, with the gist of it being “Whoever has the most brooches when she dies, wins!”  I’m confident mum won, ha!  I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say that she had a couple hundred; more importantly, she wore them all, and literally never went out without a brooch.  Even at her passing, we made sure she was wearing a pin.

At mum’s Celebration of Life, all the women chose brooches and other jewellery, and wore it on that day.

We all gave her pins as presents, and searched them out whenever we traveled.   Her favorite, I think, were Christmas pins……….

Anwaaaaaaaay, my sister and I went through all her pretty shiny objects and cherry-picked a few to keep for ourselves.  I wanted to do ….something…. with them, but wasn’t sure what.  Mounted on velvet in a Shadow Box Frame?  Under glass, as the top of a side table?  I finally settled on embedding them in Resin in a Mirrored Serving Tray.

Actually doing it was daunting, because I really did NOT want to wreck them…..

I’ve been using ArtResin for about a year and a half now, and have been really pleased with the consistent way it performs.  I also follow many Resin Artists who use ArtResin, and have not seen a single negative review, honestly…..


I took the plunge.   I did a Test Layout of the pins.  I poured the first thin layer of ArtResin, placed the pieces, and poured a second thin layer, all within 15 minutes.  I torched it to get rid of the bubbles.  I covered it to ensure that no dust or bugs floated on the surface.

I waited 3.5 hours, and poured another layer, as ALL the pieces need to be completely immersed if I’m going to use this as a Serving Tray.

And then I had to wait 24 hours………  gahhhh, that was hard……

But the finished product?  Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!  I am SOOOOOOOO pleased with this memory of my wonderful mum……………

Note:  I only know how to put Still Photos in my blog – go to @CherMcKittrick  if you want to see a video


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More Sewing Machine Action….

Since I had the machine out anyway, and my favorite jeans needed some new patching, I thought I’d try the Free Motion thing on them. I was able to do it on 2 spots, but the third bit had to be hand stitched….  I also added a little patch of same material on the back of one of the legs, just for the hell of it………..

I love these jeans……..

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