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Vietnam – the final post….

Here are just some random images of things we did or saw or experienced Biking through Hoi An, early in the morning, which is why it isn’t crammed with people and bikes and motorcycles and chickens and and and and….. … Continue reading

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Vietnam…… Cooking Class….

While we were in Hoi An we took a Cooking Class with Van, of Green Bamboo, and it was FABULOUS!  There were 12 people in the class, and they were all great fun and good company. First, we walked through … Continue reading

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Vietnam….We got scammed…..

So, one of my “visions” for this trip was biking through rice paddies, surrounded by beautiful water buffalo…………….. While in Hoi An, our first hotel came with complimentary Bikes, so off we go.  First we had to bike through town, … Continue reading

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Vietnam – the journey is almost over

Boy, we’ve seen a lot, and done a lot, and eaten a LOT!!!! The food has been fantastic every single place we’ve been.  This has been true whether we ate at a local teeny restaurant, or on a 5-star River … Continue reading

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More “found” Watercolor In My Journal

(Click any image to see it bigger in a new tab) A few more that I had forgotten about…..  sometimes my journal isn’t handy, but I’ve got scraps of watercolor paper laying around, so I paint on them, and tuck … Continue reading

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Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

We ended up in Ho Chi Minh for more days than we planned, to get our Visas for Cambodia straightened out (and they were). We had two rooms in Saigon Corner House, down a twisty-turny-rabbit-maze of a road.  Rooms were … Continue reading

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Vietnam continued

More of Nha Trang I know I’ve talked about the traffic.  This picture is on a SLOW day, with basically NO traffic, and still it’s just a cacophony of noise and chaos.  There were days where you just prayed to … Continue reading

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