Clay – Carving and Piercing

So the latest thing that I’m playing with is carving (also called Piercing) Clay.  You can do this when the clay is still wet, or when it’s leather hard, or even somewhere in between.  One thing you’ve got to remember is that Greenware is REALLY fragile, so you need to handle it with care.

Lorna worked long and hard on this bowl, and I hadn’t explained how fragile the clay was, gahhhhh

I found this image of a fish on the ‘net and thought it might be neat to do it in clay, to hang on the wall.  The first thing I learned is that a groggy clay is tough to work with in this format – I would be better off using a smoother Porcelain-type clay.  Oh well, do what you can with what you’ve got, right?

I also made a carved bowl, but I carved it right after I rolled it out – waaaaaaaay easier, but again, this clay is not meant for really thin fine work, so I’m tossing the bowl because it’s so clunky.




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5 Responses to Clay – Carving and Piercing

  1. Jennifer Adams says:

    The fish are cool shapes.

  2. The Favorite One says:

    Really like, especially like the drawing of the fish. The bowl would be great for apples or oranges etc.

  3. Susanne says:

    Awe… POOR Lorna… Love your fish and the pieces you are working on ❤️👍

  4. Lou says:

    Cool beans lady!

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