A “Spinner” Page – Bats!!

I’ve seen this done, and usually the Spinny-Thing is a butterfly.  Here’s my take on it.  A Spinner Page in my Journal.  You lift the page up, turn the “thing” a few times, and then it spins around – pretty self-explanatory, right?  There’s a little 30 second video of it on my InstaGram Page – @chermckittrick.  I can’t add Video to this blog, alas.


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5 Responses to A “Spinner” Page – Bats!!

  1. The Favorite One says:

    Love the tighty whites……………

  2. Maureen Beamish says:

    Pretty cool.

  3. Jennifer Adams says:

    so fun…and a cute covid bat.

  4. Susanne says:

    Fun … Love it 😍

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