Alcohol Based Markers

I’ve been seeing a LOT of art lately that’s done with Alcohol Based Markers, and some of it is amazing.  Blick’s had an 85% Off sale on a 24-piece set, so I bought it to give them a try.

I am finding them SO challenging.  My hat is off to all the Marker Artists out there!  They don’t blend like watercolor, so getting shading and shadow is incredibly difficult.  I also didn’t realize that you should use a specific type of paper with Markers, and I did this piece in my Sketch Journal and it bled through the paper like crazy!

Initial pencil and pen sketch

This is how much it bled through the back of the page!

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6 Responses to Alcohol Based Markers

  1. The Favorite One says:

    I am sure you will figure it out. The sheet that was bled on could be the start of another picture

  2. Susanne says:


  3. EJ says:

    Keep having a go! When I first got my Copics I was so excited, but I really struggled!! It was a whole year before I picked up the handful of colours I had purchased again, and just had a dabble blending and overlapping and building up colour, then I get right into drawing another image, and I was so pleased with the final outcome that that piece was never sold and remains on my wall to this day ❤

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