Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine – Finished Scarf

Surprisingly, although I really didn’t enjoy using the sewing machine, this is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve done.  Also, I need to stop bad-mouthing my sewing machine.  It really does run well, and has some pretty cool features, such as a semi-automatic needle threader.

I finished the scarf today, and plan to wear it to the Theatre tonight.

Here’s how I finished it off.

If any the pieces appeared to be too “hole’y”, I just added more stabilizer and fabric.

I rinsed all the pieces, and then put them in the dryer, with a bounce fabric softener.  Then, more stabilizer, and I connected all the pieces


I ended up with a wearable piece of Art.  I LOVE It!!

It was VERY time consuming – I’m sure I spent at least 5 hours making it.  And, although these Art Scarves sell for $35-$50 dollars, it wasn’t cheap to make.

3 Spools of thread = $12, Material  = $5, 10 feet of Stabilizer  = $4.00, for a total of $21.00.

I probably could have stitched less, and it would still have been as robust, but since I don’t know much about fabrics, threads, sewing in general, I can’t really say.

I might make a couple more, but only because I have 5 yards left of EACH of the pink and orange gauzy material, and don’t know what else to do with it.

Maybe, rather than cutting the material into small random shapes, I’ll cut it into long strips and see how that goes together.


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4 Responses to Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine – Finished Scarf

  1. Lorna says:

    That’s beautiful

  2. The favorite one says:

    It doesn’t matter what it cost to make as long as you like it and enjoyed doing it

  3. Maureen Beamish says:

    Looks great. Well done.

  4. Jen says:

    Beautiful colours

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