Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine

So, you might remember that I truly believe that my sewing machine is possessed by demons, and I don’t really enjoy using it.  Or ANY sewing machine, for that matter.  Give me a Table Saw anyday………..

Anyway, having said that, I’ve been wanting to try free Motion Stitching for, well, forever….  It’s a process where you “drop the dogs” and just stitch anywhere in any direction and the presser foot doesn’t touch the fabric being stitched, it’s being guided by your hands and nothing else.

Frankly it looks like a really difficult and intimidating thing to be able to do.  So….  I watched a YouTube Tutorial, because that’s just what you do, isn’t it?  (StitchesByJulia)

I just watched one, but man it was sooooooo good.  Clear easy instructions, and good insider tips.

My intention is to make a scarf out of silk scraps, and ribbons, etc.

I was lucky enough to find some Hot Pink sheer fabric – I have no clue what the fabric is made of, but it’s sheer, lightweight, and pretty.

I also scored what looks like Indian Sari Material, in Orange!

Clearly this project was meant to be, since Pink and Orange is my all time favorite color combo.

I cut some of the fabric into random-shaped scraps, and mixed them together.

I put them on Water Soluble Stabilizer, and then just started stitching like a madwoman!!!  The pieces were about 12″ x 12″, and pretty easy to manage.

I rinsed the pieces in hot water so that the stabilizer disappeared, and I was really rough on them during this rinse; I wanted to see if they would hold together.  After that I threw them in the dryer with a load of towels.

Oh My My My…………….they are gorgeous!  and NOT fragile at all!

I plan to make about 10 of these 12″ x 12″ pieces and then FreeMotion stitch THOSE pieces together for a scarf that will look like a piece of Art.  I am so impressed with this process!

The most difficult part was threading the sewing machine!  Here’s a tip – you will use a LOT of thread so make sure you’ve got three or four bobbins loaded with thread.

I’ll post the finished piece next week.

PS:  This is how little I use a sewing machine – my back actually hurts and my fingers are all cramped up.  I guess I’m really tense when I’m sewing, jeesh………

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4 Responses to Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine

  1. Maureen Beamish says:

    That is really awesome. Can hardly wait to see the end product. m.

  2. Susanne says:

    Love it..
    Awesome xo 💞

  3. The favorite one says:


  4. Lou says:

    I want to see this in person, looking forward to watching the process

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