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Putting My Trust in ArtResin…

Do you ever have one of those projects where the items you’re using in it are SO important to you that, if it goes wrong, and those items are ruined, it would be devastating? I’m doing that very thing right … Continue reading

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More Sewing Machine Action….

Since I had the machine out anyway, and my favorite jeans needed some new patching, I thought I’d try the Free Motion thing on them. I was able to do it on 2 spots, but the third bit had to … Continue reading

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Watercolor Flamingo…

I had a couple of lovely women in the studio yesterday that wanted to learn a little bit about watercolor. Here’s what we did – this lesson included wet-into-wet, using Frisket as a mask, hard lines, shadows, and a bit … Continue reading

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ArtResin – Coasters – Part 1 of 2

I’ve been using ArtResin for quite a while now, but only to finish the Acrylic Pours that I’ve done.  The Company does such a good job of supporting their product!  Any questions I’ve had have been answered clearly and promptly, … Continue reading

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Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine – Finished Scarf

Surprisingly, although I really didn’t enjoy using the sewing machine, this is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve done.  Also, I need to stop bad-mouthing my sewing machine.  It really does run well, and has some pretty cool features, … Continue reading

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Watercolor Christmas Cards….

No description needed…………  Boy I love my studio…………

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Free Motion Stitching on the Demon Machine

So, you might remember that I truly believe that my sewing machine is possessed by demons, and I don’t really enjoy using it.  Or ANY sewing machine, for that matter.  Give me a Table Saw anyday……….. Anyway, having said that, … Continue reading

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