Vietnam – the final post….

Here are just some random images of things we did or saw or experienced

Biking through Hoi An, early in the morning, which is why it isn’t crammed with people and bikes and motorcycles and chickens and and and and…..

We took a Cable Car Ride near Phu Quoc

Apparently, wearing matching Dorky Outfits is a “thing” in Vietnam….  Sooooo many people had these on, it was astounding……….

Boats in Hoi An, in the Touristy Area

NON-Touristy boats – these are the real deal, that they live on.  Makes you really appreciate your own home, eh?

Hoi An at night………

We took a TriShaw ride, loved it!

Monks……….  They were everywhere, and it’s just a magical thing to see them wandering….

One of my most memorable moments – spending time with 8 year old kids at their school, teaching them English words.  These kids were SO keen to be in school….

Lounging in our beautiful luxurious cabin on the Meikong River Cruise – Shout out to AMA Waterways!

Oxen……… gorgeous gentle creatures………..

What a fabulous adventure with my wonderful travel mates………………..



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4 Responses to Vietnam – the final post….

  1. The favorite one says:

    Glad you enjoyed the trip!!!!

  2. Lorna says:

    Great photos, so much vibrant colors.

  3. Maureen Beamish says:

    You took some great pictures and sounds like you returned with some good memories. I hope you and Paul came home with a couple of those cool, matching print outfits.
    Look forward to seeing you in NY.

  4. Susanne says:

    Some great memories and wonderful shots you captured XOX 💖🤗

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