Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

We ended up in Ho Chi Minh for more days than we planned, to get our Visas for Cambodia straightened out (and they were).

We had two rooms in Saigon Corner House, down a twisty-turny-rabbit-maze of a road.  Rooms were great, and we had a 5th floor sundeck on which to have happy hours.  We paid about $25 CDN a night, and it was worth it.


Our alley was really interesting, with very typical locals hanging out every day.  Because it was still Tet, there were lots of young and old folks just hanging around, all day.  Our favorites were a group of 5 old ladies that played bingo most days, in the alley.  They always smiled and said something that we assumed was “hello” whenever we spoke to them.

We also went on an evening food tour.  You had the option of being picked up by a person driving a motorbike, and he/she would take you to the meeting place for the start of the tour, or there was also a “Scaredy Cat” option, where you were met by the guide and he took you, via taxi, to the meeting place.  We opted for Scaredy Cat, ha!

Food was great, tour guide (Vu Vo of was delightful, and we all really enjoyed the whole evening.  We went to four places in total, and sampled lots of yummy stuff.  Nothing strange or off-putting, just good flavorful food.  My only complaint was that all the chairs were SO small and SO low, that my butt was really sore by the end of the evening!

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  1. Maureen Beamish says:

    Enjoying your pictures/stories.

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