Vietnam continued

More of Nha Trang

I know I’ve talked about the traffic.  This picture is on a SLOW day, with basically NO traffic, and still it’s just a cacophony of noise and chaos.  There were days where you just prayed to the gods when you tried to cross the street.  I held Paul’s hand, I was actually that scared…..

We weren’t able to take a good picture of the traffic, but here’s a pic from the ‘net that’s more indicative of what it was like, no exaggeration:

Image result for vietnam traffic


The electrical wiring on the streets is just astounding…  Most of it hangs down low enough to catch your head on…….

And Vietnamese coffee – yowza!!!   I like my coffee strong, but man, none of us could drink the VN Coffee without diluting it 3-to-1.  It comes to you as a 1-cup-drip set up and makes about 2 tablespoons of thick black sludge.  It tastes great once you add water to it.

One morning we walked across a bridge to explore the area, and it was such an interesting mix of ultra-modern buildings and old traditional boats.

Next, Ho Chi Minh……………..


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4 Responses to Vietnam continued

  1. Maureen Beamish says:

    Love your pics of traffic. I actually tried to ride a bike in traffic like that once in Bali…Never again…And try taking a taxi. Just sit back and trust.
    Quite a different cultural experience isn’t it?
    Hope you’re enjoying.

  2. Lorna says:

    Wow the traffic…I thought China had a lot of traffic, not even close

  3. Lou says:

    That would be crazy…….I thought I took my life in my hands in Italy….ha!

  4. Susanne says:

    Great shots and comparison. Of the old and the new .. enjoy every minute!!

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