So, we’ve found a little bit of heaven – Long Beach, Phu Quoc.  We’re here for 4 nights.  Hot, humid, balmy, lovely hotel rooms (More on that later), crystal clear pool, and miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach to walk on.

I’ll post pics of this place later……….. Meanwhile back in Nha Trang, more things we saw or experienced in our travels………

The beach was sooooooooo crazy busy, because it was Tet, and everyone was out and about on holidays.

Vendors were there selling touristy stuff, but more for the local tourists, like kites and helium balloons

We went to Cham Towers (yes, I went to a historical site!!), and it was just lovely.

There were some displays of the local arts, such as this weaver, and people laying out food in a ritual of grace and generosity

And of course, even amongst all this beauty, you still see the ubiqutous cell phone.  This woman was waiting to do a ritual dance, and killing time on her phone…….


more to come………..

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4 Responses to Vietnam….continued…..

  1. Dave and Debbie Brodie says:

    Thank you Cher……glad you are finally relaxing…………..nice pictures. Still snowing here and freaking out as we are leaving tomorrow for my surprise trip!

    Deb bxo


  2. Susanne says:

    Love the shots … Enjoying my tour through your lense!! Enjoy ♥️

  3. Gwen says:

    Love the pictures, glad you are enjoying the historical sites too 🙂

  4. Lorna says:

    Great photos, historical site, you..hahahah did the group trick you?
    The dancer looked too young to have gone through the excruciatingly painful practise of foot binding.

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