Thoughts on Viet Nam

So, I wanted ADVENTURE!  I wanted to WING IT!  and I had this VISION of what that would be like in VietNam……………  So far, not so much………..

Through no fault of our own we ended up having to spend 5 nights in Ho Chi Minh city, and it is Big, and Noisy, and busy, and Noisy, and kinda dirty, and did I mention NOISY???  Pretty much the same in Nha Trang………..

We spent a lot of time just wandering around in 35 degree weather, amid the endless noisy honking traffic, just trying to find something to do, while we killed time waiting for our Visas.  I did not enjoy it.

Having said that, we DID manage to find some interesting stuff to see on our daily meanderings

Flowers, lots of them, because it was Tet – do NOT travel during Tet if you want to get anything done…………

Real Flowers

Fake Flowers

Strange and wonderful things in a street market

These frogs were tied around their hind legs, then 5 were loosely tied together, so that if they tried to escape, they all hopped in different directions

Live chickens, not in cages, but origami-wrapped in in plastic bags; they must have been sweltering in the heat

Random market stuff

And apparently, it’s official – I am an OLD LADY!!!! By the end of our 7th day in big noisy cities, my ears hurt, and my feet swelled up like Sausages, with skin so tight I thought they might burst!  I just wanted to scream shut up Shut Up SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooo happy to be out of the city………..

more to come…………….


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6 Responses to Thoughts on Viet Nam

  1. Susanne says:

    Great shots …. Lots of shots and colours …how is the food?? Here’s hoping you enjoy getting away to the beach and some serenity.

    Till next time …

  2. The favorite one says:

    Sure looks interesting and I bet a lot of good food

  3. Lou says:

    The colours are stunning, I can’t imagine the noise and heat, just think …..beach, peace


    So many colors, I would love to walk through the market. You are so well travelled, and not the first hick up……now that you have your visas, you can move on to everything you were hoping this adventure would give you…….enjoy❤️

  5. JLK says:

    The pictures look oh so familiar 🙂 I sure hope that Hoi Ann is on your list of places to visit. It’s beautiful and from what I remember quiet. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  6. Maureen Beamish says:

    We should try the frog thing with our children…Encourage cooperative play…and the chickens? Have you never heard of a slow cooker?
    Looks great. Totally different culture. Hope you get the visas sorted quickly.

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