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Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

We ended up in Ho Chi Minh for more days than we planned, to get our Visas for Cambodia straightened out (and they were). We had two rooms in Saigon Corner House, down a twisty-turny-rabbit-maze of a road.  Rooms were … Continue reading

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Vietnam continued

More of Nha Trang I know I’ve talked about the traffic.  This picture is on a SLOW day, with basically NO traffic, and still it’s just a cacophony of noise and chaos.  There were days where you just prayed to … Continue reading

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So, we’ve found a little bit of heaven – Long Beach, Phu Quoc.  We’re here for 4 nights.  Hot, humid, balmy, lovely hotel rooms (More on that later), crystal clear pool, and miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Viet Nam

So, I wanted ADVENTURE!  I wanted to WING IT!  and I had this VISION of what that would be like in VietNam……………  So far, not so much……….. Through no fault of our own we ended up having to spend 5 … Continue reading

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Pencil Sketch of an Eye

I just did a YouTube Tutorial by Darlene of RapidFireArt – Yowza, is this girl talented. I spent about an hour doing this drawing, and it was definitely time well spent.  All I used was a cheap 6B pencil, kneadable … Continue reading

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