Series – 1 Page From Every Tutorial Book In My Library #28

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I have 111 books in my studio (yes, I counted them) that are Tutorials,  and I acquired them slowly over about 10 years.  I find that I no longer go to them for inspiration, and decided to get rid of them.  Before I do that, however, I’m going to TRY to do ONE PAGE out of each book.  Wish me luck……

28 Books Down, 83 to go….

Making Journals By Hand by Jason Thompson

I am intrigued by this latest craze on the ‘net – making your own Junk Journal.  It’s such a good way to use up papers and books and ephemera, and costs next to nothing.  You take pages torn out of old books, atlases, newspapers, calendars, music books, etc, and embellish them in some way, and then hand stitch, glue, or machine stitch them into a cover, and Voila, you’ve got a new Journal!

I began by painting some old lightweight canvas fabric that I had laying around.  I used this for the cover.

I then stamped and spritzed and drizzled paint over pages from assorted “junk”, including empty envelopes……..  I used the sewing machine to stitch them into three sections, and then glued those sections into the Cover.

This is my very first attempt and I really love it.  I’ll be more mindful of color choices next time.  I’ll also use more small bits of ephemera that I’ll adhere to individual pages – things like stamps and ribbon and Decorative Tape, for example.

You will definitely see more of these being created over the next couple of months!

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2 Responses to Series – 1 Page From Every Tutorial Book In My Library #28

  1. The favorite one says:

    interesting, very interesting

  2. Susanne says:

    Very cool!! I like it !!

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