Arting with the ladies..

(click the images for a larger view in a new tab)

Another great watercolor day on the patio, and this time we were joined by a total newbie, Carla, who had never painted before.

She nailed it, forging forward bravely, and created this pretty little piece.  Here she is patiently peeling the tape off her piece before she adds the final touches.

I did the same one along with her, as an example, plus a Santa Cactus, and a giraffe from the previous day

Here’s what Lou painted – those eggs!

And Lorna tackled a really detailed image, and did a great job, as usual!

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6 Responses to Arting with the ladies..

  1. Jen says:

    They all look great. Save some painting days for me…..I have Christmas cards to do.

  2. The favorite one says:

    All look great, Still waiting for my postcard from arizona???????

  3. Lorna says:

    another fabulous art day, thanks Cher

  4. LAUREN KIRLEY says:

    The Christmas paintings are really nice and I love the eggs …. But OH that Giraffe is perfect 🙂 You are sooooooo talented 🙂


  5. Susanne says:

    Hey gals … I love them all .. great work .. Christmas in the desert !! perfect!!

  6. gwens says:

    I love all of them!

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