Acrylic Paint Pouring – Little Galaxies

OK, so I just did an experiment with 2 pours at once using the same colors (almost), but Acrylic Pouring Medium in one and PVAC Glue in the other.  What a difference.

For the first pour, with Glue, I used the following colors:

Chromacryl Cobalt Blue, Cool Blue, Burnt Sienna, Neon Yellow, Liquitex Ecru, Golden Iridescent Bronze.

I didn’t do a flip cup, I poured it onto the disc.  There was too much ecru, so I poured and dripped yellow and blue into that area.  I had to add a LOT of water to thin the paint down, but this didn’t seem to be detrimental to the pour or the adhesion.

It’s a pretty nice pour, but I think the white glue changes the colors a bit and makes them less intense.

For the second pour, with Pouring Medium, I used all of the above colors EXCEPT the ecru and the gold.

I like the intensity of this one much better, and the cells are completely different in it.  Is that because I used PM, or because I omitted the Ecru?  Gahhh, not sure, so I’ll have to do more experimenting, YAY!!

I hate wasting paint, so I took ALL the leftover paint, both with Glue and with Pouring Medium, and did a Flip Cup on an old canvas.  Not sure what I think about this one….  As usual, my dismal photography does not show the glow…  I think it might be one of those SURPISE pieces that ends up going from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.  It’s all creams and bronzes and blues…

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6 Responses to Acrylic Paint Pouring – Little Galaxies

  1. Maureen says:

    Very intrigued. Can hardly wait to see the real deal.

  2. Jo says:

    I love these 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    What are the discs made of. I like this shape because it is very earthy.

  4. Suz says:

    really cool !! You are getting better with this technique!!

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