Acrylic Paint Pouring – Free Pour

So, here’s the 3rd one in this series.  There are a number of different ways to get the paint onto the canvas.  One is a “flip cup” pour.  Multiple colors of paint are put into one cup, you invert the canvas over the cup, flip the canvas, and lift the cup – Whooooosh, color spreads in a magical and uncontrolled way.  That’s how I did the previous two canvases.

Another way is to, again, put multiple colors in one cup, but simply pour the paint out onto the canvas; you are able to put the color in slightly more specific areas.  I’m going to call that a Free Pour, and that’s how I did this one.  I used a much larger canvas (12″ 36″), and it was waaaay trickier to get the paint to move to where I wanted it to be.  And by “way trickier” I mean it did whatever it wanted and I had absolutely no control, ha!

This photo doesn’t even come close to showing the gorgeous-ness of this piece.  I’ve got so much light in my studio (lucky lucky lucky!!!) that there is glare all over when I’m trying to take a shot.  This canvas was still very wet when I took the photos.  (If you click on the photos, they should open in a new tab, and they’ll display in a bigger format)

And here are some close-up shots

I love this one SOOOOOO much!  I can’t wait to hang it!

This is interesting – I noticed that the previous two canvases looked slightly different the day after I’d taken pictures of them.  Obviously, the paint keeps moving and reacting for quite some time…..


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4 Responses to Acrylic Paint Pouring – Free Pour

  1. Jo says:

    Really love this Cher!

  2. Maureen says:

    Very interesting technique and love the results. Look forward to seeing the real thing.

  3. Jennifer Adams says:

    Gorgeous colours…can’t wait to see them hung.

  4. Suz says:

    Hey I saw the actual painting ,.. it is awesome !! Keep up the great creative work!!

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