Watercolor – Working With a Theme – Part Two

(Go here for Part 1)

I’ve glazed the moon with Quin Gold, and added some really bright green to the other area.  YIKES!  It looks horrid.  But I like how the moon is shaping up.

laurens-moon-part-2-1 laurens-moon-part-2-2

I’ve used a darker color to define the shape of the moon – two shades of really watery blue.  You can see puddles of it around the edge of the moon.


It’s still got potential!  I threw some salt onto the wet areas of the not-moon.

I cleaned up the edges of the moon a bit more


Lifted some color to give it more depth


The salt worked out better than I expected.


I actually wanted the sky to be a bit bluer than it is, it’s got quite a green hue.  But I’m leaving it, because I want to keep the salt effect.

Look at where I started, and where I’m at:


The last step is to add the heron, but I need the paper to be completely dry before I do it.  Wish me luck…..



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1 Response to Watercolor – Working With a Theme – Part Two

  1. Suz says:

    Great recovery Cher!! Can’t wait to see the final product!!

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