Watercolor – Working With a Theme

So, I’ve heard and read that working in a series, or working with a theme, is ALWAYS a good idea for improving your skills, so I’m going to give it a try.

The theme will be “Things that are silhouetted against a moon”.  Painting a moonscape is a really enjoyable process; I generally wet the moon area, and drop and throw different colors onto that area.

It’s still a bit of a mystery to me what will happen, and I’m hoping that, after doing this a few (OK, a million) times, I’ll have a better idea of how colors will react with each other.

This is the beginning of an image of a heron silhouetted against a moon.  I had previously done this in my journal, in a 5″x8″ format.

This piece of watercolor paper is HUGE – 30″x22″.  It feels like 140 lb, but I’m not sure.  I think this process will work much better on 300 or 400 lb paper, as I use SO much water.

First, I wet the moon area (top Left-Hand area) and threw down 4 colors.  While that was still wet, I threw down more colors in the not-moon area.


I also blotted some areas, to pull back the white.


Additionally, I took the non-brush end of one of my paint brushes, and scribbled text into the paper.  This damages the fiber of the paper and makes it take the color in a more intense way.  I was actually writing real words, like write your dreams across the sky, but I intentionally did it so that it was not legible.  I added this scribble-text because visually, I love the look of it, but also emotionally, I like what it adds to the piece.

img_2106 img_2107

Frankly, it looks pretty bad right now, but I’ve got high hopes that my next steps (defining and glazing) will pull it together.

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3 Responses to Watercolor – Working With a Theme

  1. The favorite one says:

    Don’t understand what your doing but I hope it works out for you

  2. Louise Oborne says:

    I love the direction this is going. The “scribble” text is an evocative component. Looking forward to what happens next.

  3. Suz says:

    Art is an adventure .. Enjoy the ride

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