Arting With Jen – Jan 11

Another excellent and productive art day…..

Drew a horse, used frisket to save the light around the edge, and salted the background


After the frisket was removed, I added some detail, and it’s done

cher-jan-11-1 cher-jan-11-11

Tried to do a sailboat scene, using sheer colors for the sea and sky, but opaque colors for the boats and Island…..meh….doesn’t totally suck, but I’m not loving it



Got a Sea Otter drawn out for tomorrow’s project


Jen did her usual stellar job using pen and cross hatching, on this barn

jen-jan-11-4 jen-jan-11-1

She then completed the “Swash of Color” project

jen-jan-11-2 jen-jan-11-3


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2 Responses to Arting With Jen – Jan 11

  1. Suz says:

    |Hey .. love the horse Cher and your swash and detail Jen is great … Happy painting !!

  2. Jackie West says:

    Amazing as usual. Love the swash of colour painting. Will have to try that sometime.

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