Art Supplies

I have a huge bag that I usually take with me when I’m drawing away from my studio, but sometimes I just want to take a few things.  Check out this gorgeous bag that I scored from Riv.Creative (Sara Brodie).  She’s also on Etsy and Pinterest.

Art Supplies (5) Art Supplies (6) Art Supplies (7)

The stitching on it is meticulous, and her fabric stash is awesome.  She sells mostly to knitters, I think, but you could use these bags for anything arty.

This is one of the smaller bags, but I can fit all this stuff into it.  Note the high-tech way I protect my brushes from getting bent out of shape!

Art Supplies (3) Art Supplies (2) Art Supplies (4)

When I’ve got more room to tote stuff around, I use this Brush Holder that I got from Opus.  I keep brushes, pens, pencils, erasers, etc in it.  See the awesome drawing on the wall to the right of the image?  I let the kids draw all over my art studio walls – cool for them, waaay cool for me!

Art Supplies (8) Art Supplies (9)

Other stuff that I use regularly:

Best Masking Fluid EVER.  Can make super fine lines with the built in tip.

Art Supplies (18) Art Supplies (19)

Hake Brush – to quickly wet a large area

Art Supplies (17)

Elegant Writer – These were originally created as Calligraphy Pens – I use them because when you touch the line you’ve drawn with a wet brush, it bleeds into glorious colors

Art Supplies (16)

Woodless Pencil – it’s solid graphite, there is no “core”

Art Supplies (15)

Permanent Ink Pen

Art Supplies (14)


Art Supplies (13)

If I was ever forced to only use 4 colors for the rest of my life, these would be them……

Art Supplies (10)

Travel size paint brushes are way more expensive than the regular size, so I just buy a brush I love, and hack the end off – waaaay cheaper!

Art Supplies (11) Art Supplies (12)

So, what are YOUR go-to supplies?


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    The fridge

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    hi .. very informative and cool!!

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