Journal Fail

So, I wanted to do a really QUICK page in my journal…  I wasn’t really fussed about what it looked like, I just wanted to be arting in some way, so I decided that a collaged paged would be waaaaaaaaaay quicker than drawing, inking, and painting something.

Ha, Wrong-O.

First I gathered a very minimal assortment of stuff to create the page with.  Some torn papers, a napkin, decorative tape, which I’m a little addicted to but never actually use, a stencil and some watercolor pencils.  Note that there are NO watercolor paints here….


Since I wanted this to be quick, I traced a hare onto some Parchment Paper.  I scribbled a few colors onto it, and added a bit of water with my finger, and SURPRISE, it all beaded up into this yucky mess.  I forgot that parchment paper is coated with plastic and water just sits on top.  grrrr…..


I had also messily written some “arty” words on the parchment paper, but since the piece was SO not working, I just tossed it.  Then I drew, not traced, the same hare right onto my watercolor Journal.  I scribbled all over it with the watercolor pencils, found a small paintbrush, and added water to some areas.  It was still looking pretty bleak.

I continued on and glued a few pieces of the ephemera down.

Still hated it, so I found a charcoal pencil and did a bit of outlining, added some white acrylic, then as the final step, cut out and glued down the original hare that had inspired this piece.  By now, my “quick” page had taken about 45 minutes!

It is NOT one of my favorite pages, but I actually enjoyed doing it.  And honestly, I could have done something better, in half the time, if I’d just drawn and painted, ha!  But I LOVE the look of well done collage, and I’ll never get good at it if I don’t keep trying.

Here’s the gorgeous piece (by Tracie Lyn Huskamp) that I was trying to emulate:

periwinkleliving: By Tracie Lyn Huskamp

I did not even come close………


BUT I arted!!!




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2 Responses to Journal Fail

  1. The favorite one says:

    Glad to see you back arting, haven’t seen any posts for a while!!!!!!!!

  2. Paulie says:

    You’ll just have to “hop along” onto the next project……..

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