Arting With Lorna – Post 7

So, this is hilarious….  Lorna told me that I would inspire her to make art every day for the Month of March – Yay, this sounds great, sez I…..

However, when Jen and I do this, we definitely try to do **something** every day, but we don’t necessarily complete a piece a day; we might draw something one day, and paint it another day.

Well, Lorna took the challenge to mean “Complete 31 pieces”!!  and she HAS!!  In fact, it’s day 26, and she’s got 32 pieces!!!  WTH?????

S0, HUGE pressure for me to keep up.  I’ve been madly drawing, and managed to get 31 pieces done, or partly done, and I’ve still got 4 days left to finish them.  WHEWWWWWWW

My stuff, for this third-to-last post

Cher_Post7g Cher_Post7a Cher_Post7d Cher_Post7c Cher_Post7b Cher_Post7e Cher_Post7f


Lorna_Post7a Lorna_Post7c







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2 Responses to Arting With Lorna – Post 7

  1. The favorite one says:

    Just goes to prove your older and have a harder time to keep up. Just kidding (I think) the two of you have done some great pieces!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Suz says:

    Cool .. great inspiration .. you will not be left behind Cher


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