Arting With Lorna – Post 6

In a DESPERATE attempt to catch up to Lorna, I spent about 3 hours doing art, and managed to draw and/or paint 9 pieces (one is still in pencil, and too light to photograph).  God, Lorna is just an Arting MACHINE right now!!!



Cher_Post6a Cher_Post6b Cher_Post6g

Jen, what am I doing wrong with these street scenes – is it too much color? not enough color? not enough detail?  Maybe tone – it’s just all one tone.     gahhhhhhhh, I just can’t get one that I like

Cher_Post6c Cher_Post6d



Cher_Post6j2 Cher_Post6j3

I often struggle with WHAT to draw, so in an effort to make it easier, I’m doing the last 20 or so pages in my journal Alphabetically. i.e. A is for anteater and an ant; B is for Bee and Bear – tragically drawn bee………; C is for taxi CAB; D is for Duckling

Cher_Post6h Cher_Post6i Cher_Post6k

Lorna’s stuff

Lorna_Post6a Lorna_Post6b Lorna_Post6f Lorna_Post6e Lorna_Post6h Lorna_Post6c

Great detail on the sole of the boot







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4 Responses to Arting With Lorna – Post 6

  1. Mona Lee Kirkland says:

    Your birds on the line are awesome.
    And so is the mermaid…Like the contrast of her hair and body/tail colour. I think she turned out great.
    Maybe your street scenes need a little ‘pop’ of colour like red – to suggest geraniums blooming in your greenery…?
    I like the fact you and your friend do art everyday. Its inspiring.

  2. Jen says:

    I like the mermaid with its detail, but I think I like the duckling is my favourite. Very rich colours and the water looks great. For the street scene….I was a bit distracted by the second tree on the gold building, The pot is around a corner, so you shouldn’t be able to see the left side of the tree. The shadows for the clothesline fooled me, as I thought it was rocks or something in the street. But I figured it out, and it assumes the sun is directly overhead, as it is a narrow street. Regarding tone, I’m not sure, but I would say there are too many different tones. I think it might look better if the buildings were of the same hue, ie. siennas, golds, umbers, etc., and then pop with a bit of colour in the flower pots or whatever. I like the white bits left on the buildings. Not sure if that helps….must go paint a Mickey Mouse card for John now.

  3. Suz says:

    wowsers … love Cher’s duck – great bill!!

    Lorna … love your boat and you close up of your cowboy boot .. xox


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