Holy Exploding Plastic Bottles, Batman!

And this is why I have “studio” clothes….

Do you ever see interviews with artists and they’re wearing regular, clean street clothes?  I’m like “Really??  C’mon on, you NEVER get paint on your clothes (or your face or in your hair)?”

I bring this up because this just happened to me – I was trying something new with black acrylic paint in a plastic tube, with a fine line attachment, and after I’d finished, I squeezed the bottle to make sure that no paint was left in the metal Line Drawing Attachment.

It cracked open explosively, in my hand, over the table I was working at, and all over the floor.  Gaaaaaaaaahhhh, what a mess!  It took me about 20 minutes to get it all cleaned up.  It also made me laugh really hard, and, once again, be so VERY grateful for HAVING a studio.

Mess1 Mess2 Mess3 Mess4

Can you imagine if I’d been working at the dining room table, or in the living room???  (OK, or in bed?)  Yikes……..



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7 Responses to Holy Exploding Plastic Bottles, Batman!

  1. mktedman says:

    I’ve ruined more jumpers that way too…

  2. Jo says:

    Oh my – glad it was only paint 🙂

  3. The favorite one says:

    Black looks good on you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mckitt123 says:

      ha ha, yeah, it’s very slimming, I hear. I actually ended up having to cut a small chunk of my hair off, because the acrylic dries to absolute plastic……..sigh….

  4. Lorna says:

    What, Paul can have a chain saw in bed, and your worried about a little paint….hahahaha

  5. Suz says:

    OMG .. in the bed .. yikes 🙂

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