A couple little Journal Pages and a ZombieBird

It’s possible that, eventually, I won’t be able to use my studio, so I never want to regret not using it enough.  I mean, not in the near future, touch wood, but who knows, arthritis, bad eyes, zombie apocalypse – these things might happen….

So anyway, even tho’ I didn’t really feel like, I went into the studio and pulled out unfinished journals and watercolors.  As usual, I am SO glad that I did.  I did a few quick pages in my journals, and a couple turned out OK.

We bought this milk jug on a trip to Greece


I used a white “grease pencil” to save the whites on this sketch.  It’s a really easy quick-and-dirty way of doing it, but once you’ve put in the white, it’s there forever, unlike liquid masking.


Then I did this little bird.  Just a cute little bird on a branch.  I mean, how tough could it be?  So, after I’d pretty much finished the page, I added the eye, but I made it SO big, it looked insane.  What to do, sez I?  For some reason, I thought that adding a 2nd eye was the answer.  Yeah, not so much.


So I tried covering the offending area with white Gouache (opaque watercolor) and tried again.


WTH???  Still looks ridiculous.  But why do I care; it’s just a little page in my journal, who’s even going to look at it.  But I can’t let it go, so I try again.  And again.  And again….. gahhhhh.


I think I spent 45 minutes on this stupid little bird…..  But I’m OK with it now…..










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2 Responses to A couple little Journal Pages and a ZombieBird

  1. Jackie West says:

    i love the finished product of the little bird, The eyes are much better smaller.

  2. Suz says:

    Third bird picture is great .. if at first you don’t succeed ,,, try again 🙂

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