I finished a Journal!!

OK, I totally get why someone would work sequentially, page by page, in their journal, rather than drawing in ANY journal, on ANY page that they happen to open it to, because I just FINALLY completed all the pages in a journal, and it feels good.

Want to see it?  YES, yes I do!!!

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5 Responses to I finished a Journal!!

  1. Lou says:

    Great work Cher, my absolute favorite is the leaf. The detail you put into that leaf is amazing and the colours are perfect.

  2. The favorite one says:

    For me it’s the abstract bird

    • mckitt123 says:

      Wow, you SO often like my least favorite – art is all about personal taste, eh? That bird was a “challenge” where I had to do the same subject 4 different ways, in identifiable styles of famous artists. This is (obviously?) Picasso’s Cubist Style….

  3. Jackie West says:

    I personally love the whales. And the fly for fishing. Great job on all of them.

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