Old Journals…..

I was going through my journals the other day, and LOVED looking back at the older stuff, and being able to acknowledge that my skills ARE improving.

I have a couple that are almost complete, but have a few empty pages in them.  This is because I grab ANY journal that’s handy, and draw on ANY page I happen to open it to.  Jen, of course, uses each page sequentially.  Naturally, I’ve teased her about this, but from now on, I plan on using my journals that way as well (So I can be just like her when I grow up, ha!)

To that end, I started rummaging around in my studio, and I also found an assortment of things I’d drawn that never made it into a journal because they were done on scraps of paper, or as an experiment, or were intended as postcards or Christmas cards that never got mailed, etc etc etc….

Miscellaneous Pieces

Anywaaaaaaaaay, it kinda dawned on me that I could fill up the empty pages of some of my journals with these odds-‘n-ends pieces, and kill two stones with one bird.

As I get “completed” journals, I’ll post them, and I’ve decided to even post the icky, pathetic, badly done pieces – YIKES!

I only use my journals for creating art, I don’t ever use them to write in.  I do use them to record events that happen on trips, to a certain degree, but mostly just to keep getting better at drawing.

I’ve considered using words in a journal to record my life, but I’m pretty sure it would just be stuff like:

My brother once made me eat canned cat food


My brother once cracked an egg onto my freshly shampooed head just before I was going out with my friends

sooooooooooo probably NOT a good idea to start a word journal…….


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7 Responses to Old Journals…..

  1. The favorite one says:

    As for the cat food you said you were hungry. I don’t think it was me with the egg but I did hear that eggs really cleans the hair and leaves it nice and silky (mayby it was me)!!!!!!!! You got this far without growing up so why bother now.

  2. Jen says:

    When did you do the blue fish? This trip? It is my favourite.

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