Arting With Jen – Day 16 and 17 (and Paul again!)

I really love street scenes, and market scenes, and looking down alley ways in Italy – that sort of content, but I find DOING them really intimidating, so naturally I’m going to try to get better at them.  My last few days here, I’ll be concentrating on pen-and-wash architecture.

But first, I added a bit of color to the bird on the barbed wire – frankly, I think it made the picture look washed out and insipid.

Day 16_CherA

First “building” sketch, done from someone else’s painting.  No shading added, just a flat pen sketch.

Day 17_Cher

Done from a photo of our building here in Hawaii. Pen Sketch with a bit of watercolor, and bit TOO much Elegant Writer.

Day 17_CherA Day 17_CherB

Totally copied this sketch from  Saw her hilarious cat sketches and had to do it.

Day 16_CherB

Paul’s – his third-ever sketch.  Done from a photo he took of us on the beach

Day 16_Paul

Jen’s – Pencil only!

Day 17_JenA

Great detail and shading on the barbed wire, eh?

Day 17_JenB










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5 Responses to Arting With Jen – Day 16 and 17 (and Paul again!)

  1. The favorite one says:

    You two better watch out, I think Paul has found his real calling!!!!!!!!! The cats are great and Jen I love the bird on the barb wire.

  2. Maureen says:

    You guys are so good…you too Paul.

  3. Jackie West says:

    Your right the shading on the batbed wire is great. Whenever you decide to do a street scene let me know. I too would love to try one but feel intimidated as well. We could get together and try. Tell Paul to keep up the good work. He should try with coloured pencils and do his favorite Dahlia. Enjoy yr sketching, painting sessions. I am doing a 30 day challenge starting Feb 1 . e
    ach day I will draw or paint something. Will let you know how it goes. Take care and keep up the great work.

    • mckitt123 says:

      Just remember that EVERYTHING is simply a “shape”. It’s not a wall, or a door, just a shape. Jen actually graphs out her stuff. I find that too laborious, but I have given in and I now use a ruler to get a few lines down accurately. If you’ve got a couple of spots that are true, you can work from them to get other bits to line up.

  4. Suz says:

    Love your work and progress … hey excellent sketch Mr. Paul .. xo Suz

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