Arting With Jen – Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

We’re still hard at it, every day!


Day 11_CherA Day 11_CherB

I decided to outline the turtle image with Black Acrylic Paint, as I’ve done with some of my bigger acrylic paintings.  This technique doesn’t work on these small pieces, I quickly found out.  This turtle is on 4″x4″ paper, and the lines are too thick and cludgey.  I’ll still try painting it with watercolors, but I don’t expect anything good to come out of it.

Day 13_CherD


Day 12_CherA Day 12_CherC
Isn’t it amazing how a few sloppy strokes of paint can add life to a drawing?  I just love how these rabbits turned out.  They’re on little 4″x4″ pieces of scrap 400 lb watercolor paper.
Day 13_CherA Day 13_CherB

Day 14_CherA Day 14_CherB Day 14_CherC



Dove1 Day 11_Jen

The face-on format of this fish is so good!

Day 12_Jen B Day 12_JenA Day 15_JenA

Jen’s pencil work just impresses the heck out of me!

Day 15_JenB


Jen did a crashing wave on the 10″x 3.5″ 400 lb watercolor.  This is a really difficult thing to paint.  First she used frisket to save the whites

Day 13_JenA


Then she painted it all in.  So gorgeous!

Day 14_JenA Day 14_JenB



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6 Responses to Arting With Jen – Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

  1. The favorite one says:

    The wave is great Jen, I also like the bunny’s

  2. Maureen says:

    Good stuff…Like your ninja turtle too.

  3. Jackie West says:

    wow, amazing works ladies. I love how the rabbits turned out, and that wave. Wow, by the way what is frisket.??? The face on that fish is awesome. Actually I don’t have a fav. love them all.

    • mckitt123 says:

      Frisket is a liquid that you use to mask out areas, for example, saving the white of the page. You apply it, let it dry, paint all over and around it, let it dry, and then remove the frisket. Voila – No paint in the frisketed area!

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