Arting with Jen – Day 1-2

And so it begins………….

We both drew Bouganvillea in a “Botanical” style.  I used watercolors

Day 1_Chera Day 1_Cherb

Jen used colored pencils – waaaaaaaaay harder.  Hers is not complete – this is a Work In Progress (WIP)

Day 1_Jen

Day two – I have these odd sized pieces of 300 lb wc paper, they’re about 10″ wide by 3-4″ high.  I hate wasting them, so we’re each using 3 to do wide or tall pieces.

Here are my two preliminary pencil drawings

Day 2_Chera Day 2_Cherb Day 2_Cherd Day 2_Cherc

Jen’s working on a pencil sketch of a calf and a cow – again, at this point, it’s a WIP

Day 2_Jen (2) Day 2_Jen (1)

More to come……..

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1 Response to Arting with Jen – Day 1-2

  1. Paulie says:

    If I ever get my butt in gear (while on this art-ing holiday), maybe I’ll be able to add my sketches to this impressive collection of work!!

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