NOT About Clay or Painting…..

This will be the first and last post you’ll ever see from me about sewing.  I…HATE…SEWING….

It’s quite possible that my sewing machine is possessed by the AntiChrist.  It’s actually a really awesome machine, with multiple doodads and attachments that probably do amazing things.  It even threads its’ own needle – WHAT??  Oh yeah, it does…..

But anyway, I wanted a “Vendor’s Apron” for the upcoming “Deck the Hall” arts and crafts Christmas show, and I didn’t want to pay $40-$60 for one from Etsy, so I decided to try to make one.  I got some wonderful material fairly cheaply


and I used some old pillow cases as my lining.

Apron2Our local Salvation Army had $2-Tuesday Men’s Shirts on sale, so I bought one to use for the Apron Ties.  I spent about $22, and I made two aprons, and have enough material to make a third one.

How cute is this?  It’s got two deep pockets and two medium pockets.


If you sew, I know that right now you’re saying “What’s the big deal?  A few straight seams, and bingo-bango, you’ve got an apron”.

But I don’t sew.  The last time I pulled out the machine, I couldn’t figure out how to get thread on the bobbin (it turns out I had one of the bobbin bits on upside down).  Then I couldn’t thread the *&&^% machine (I wasn’t being forceful enough in getting the thread in place).  I just find using the machine stressful and horrible and it makes me swear.  A LOT….

And yet, I toughed it out for this project, and what was really amazing (to me) was that I actually took the time to do all those stupid things that our HomeEc teacher made us do.  Pin Before Stitching.  Trim Every Seam.  Press Every Seam.  Double-Stitch Every Seam.


Yowza, what a difference it makes, who knew?  I did not enjoy making these aprons AT ALL, but I absolutely love them and am so proud of my own bad self over this project!


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10 Responses to NOT About Clay or Painting…..

  1. Moe says:

    I love it. Have been tempted myself.

  2. The favorite one says:

    They are jus great, you are going to have people coming up to you and asking you to make more……………. and you will say ??????????

  3. Lorna says:

    Wow, after owning ( and donating to high schools) 3 sewing machines myself over the years, I am impressed that you followed through with this project. Sewing will always be something that I stay clear of.
    Oh yea……and lucky me…..I will be wearing one of these funky aprons!!!!!

  4. Jo-Anne Bilodeau says:

    I LOVE your fabric….so cute! You did a wonderful job…but that fabric is too cute 🙂

    Jo >

  5. Jen says:

    Great idea for reusing materials…..and they are very funky.

  6. Paulie says:

    Are you sure that these aprons are not store-bought???

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