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Epic Fail or Stellar Success??

Lorna and I were in an Arts and Crafts Fair this weekend, and our versions of how it went are absolute polar opposites, which just proves that successful or failure is all about your perspective. Lorna doesn’t frequent Craft Fairs … Continue reading

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More Creepy Clay Heads…

These are meant to have lights in them, in the back, so that the light seeps out through the cracks……

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Talking Stick and a Failed Heart

Kinda creepy, but I like it.  It says Speak Truth. The colors on this heart are great, but I was trying different techniques for adding clay hanging parts, and this one did not work, alas. The holes for the wire … Continue reading

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NOT About Clay or Painting…..

This will be the first and last post you’ll ever see from me about sewing.  I…HATE…SEWING…. It’s quite possible that my sewing machine is possessed by the AntiChrist.  It’s actually a really awesome machine, with multiple doodads and attachments that … Continue reading

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Color on the Latest Clay Pieces

Here’s a sample of some of the colors for the bowls and the scarf jewellery. Some I love Some I like And as usual, some need more work…..

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and that’s why I love the Internet….

So, I needed some way to display the “Scarf Jewellery” thingies that I’m making, and I really didn’t want to buy anything. I do a 2 minute search on TheGoogle, and get a pattern, print it in Excel, ’cause that … Continue reading

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Fresh Batch Out Of The Kiln

Here’s the latest stuff out of the kiln.  This is a wonderfully BIG batch, as I read that, when bisque firing, you can stack things on top of each other – who knew?? I thought that those little heart bowls … Continue reading

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