Clay Hearts

Gah, I found this is the DRAFT section of my posts – apparently I forgot to actually hit the PUBLISH button 3 months ago!

So, another great day in the studio, although I didn’t actually create that much.  But I got to experiment a bit, and that’ll be useful down the road.

I’m planning on making a bunch of wall-hung Hearts for the show we’re in in November; some big, some small, some flat, some 2-d, some 3-d.  The flat ones are a piece of cake, but getting air-tight 3-d hearts is a real challenge.  I found 2 of these at Value Village – it’s for making heart-shaped poached eggs.  They had a long tall metal handle on them, but I used pliers to break the handle off.

zHeart Mold

Because it’s metal the clay sticks to it something fierce, but I’ve found that I can put a piece of saran wrap in it, then shove the clay in, and it’s do-able, but still VERY tricky to keep them air tight.  If they’re not totally sealed, the shape won’t hold.

Here’s the only one that was “successful”

HeartF1The next one started out good, but then one of the sections leaked, and it got ugly pretty quick.  So I decided to embrace the imperfection, ha!  Picture this on a wall with a single half-dead rose in it – cool!


2-D isn’t difficult, you just have to let it set up a bit before taking it out of the mold.  I’ll put an arrow, a la Cupid, through this one.


And lastly, another really large flat one (about 13″), heavily embossed.

HeartC1 HeartC2

Time to quit, and have a glass of wine with my SweetieBoy…….

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  1. Paulie says:

    Oh no…. you stole my heart!

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