Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (5)

Well, I’m calling this Journal Done!  I didn’t use all the pages, but I DID complete 21….Not bad at all, sez I!  THANK YOU JEN, for inspiring to me do this Journal!!!  Also, thanks to all of you for the encouraging comments and excellent feedback, it is much appreciated!

When we were biking through Germany, poppies were out in bloom.  It was astoundingly beautiful, fields and fields of swaying red jewels……..


Of course, I had to draw my eBike.  I took poetic licence and painted it red, but it was actually black.  This bike ROCKED….  I breezed up the hills like a professional athlete, ha!


The boat we travelled on, at night, was called “My Story”.  The staff were wonderful, and the desserts every day at 4:00 were dangerously delicious.


I actually found this napkin in a Christmas Store in Rothenburg.  What a great reminder of the food in Germany!


And lastly, remember this hideous page?


I painted over it in white Gesso.  Before the Gesso dried, I scraped it back, and tore off some of the ephemera.  It’s still not a beautiful page, but it’s certainly better, and kinda interesting.

10_11d 10_11e 10_11f

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7 Responses to Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (5)

  1. jo says:


  2. The Favorite One says:

    You did a great job

  3. lorna says:

    As usual, awesome job!
    You and Jen inspire me, but why is it, that I find excuses for not doing it on my trips….such a great way to keep and share your memories.

  4. Evelyn says:

    Well done Cher, it is lovely. Would love to see the original one day.

  5. Jen says:

    You certainly did do a lot of pages and they are all great.

  6. Paulie says:

    Great colours in the journal!

  7. Suze says:

    Love the changes on Paris .. and all of the bike painting .. I can feel the breeze in my face when you are on the bike .. Suze

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