Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (2)

OK, so here’s my first attempt at the “emphemera-glued-in” style of journalling.  I really hate this page, it is sooooooo hokey and pathetic.  It looks like kindergarten art to me….  It’s unlikely I’ll keep this page.  I’ll probably paint over it with white Gesso and re-do it.

So, first I did a test layout with everything I was hoping to include.


Next, I added color, using stamps and stamping ink, to make the background more interesting.  I was feeling very confident at this point; the page had huge potential.


10-11b 10-11c 10-11eThen I glued the stuff down.  I had forgotten that these inks are water-based, so as soon as I started adding the matte medium to adhere the pieces, things smeared and got darker.

10-11fSeriously, YUCK.  Tried to make it better by outlining some of the items and writing stuff like museums, gardens, seine, etc beside them.  Jeesh, Double-Yuck.


I’ve seen this done well, so I know it IS possible.  Just not by me.  Yet.  Or maybe ever….

To make myself feel better about the previous page, I needed to just draw/paint one.  We went to a Cemetary in Montmartre.  I expected it to be soooooooo boring, but oh man, it was amazing.  Not our usual flat plot with a headstone.  Acres of grounds, under a bridge, tiered, stairs, gardens, some maintained, some unkempt…..  The grave sites are mostly crypts, with incredibly ornate carvings and crosses and doors.  You go in the crypts and there are chairs in them, and I guess you can sit and commune with your loved one.  It was beautiful………..

First I roughed in the drawing with pencil, then went over it with indelible ink.  I wet the whole page and dropped in some color.

4aI then added more color to try to pull out detail and add shadows.  Lastly, I went over certain areas with pen again, to make them standout. I really like this piece. 4b 4c

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4 Responses to Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (2)

  1. Jen says:

    I agree with the collage page….I like it better without the pictures pasted in. It would have made a good page on its own. And the cemetary is awesome.

  2. I love that cemetery…Is that man that feeds the 100 cats that live there, still there? I like your rendition a lot.

    • mckitt123 says:

      Not sure about the cat-feeding-man. A young friend of ours had to sleep rough in that cemetary one night, and he woke up surrounded by feral cats – he was in HEAVEN!!

  3. Susanne says:

    love your story and transition of your piece .. enjoyed .. feels like I was in your studio with you
    xo Suze

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