Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (1)

Jen, as usual, has created a beautiful visual journal of her Europe Trip.  I didn’t even touch my art stuff while we were away for 28 days.  SO…………

I committed to Jen and myself that I’d get the whole trip Journalled by the end of June.  I had a couple pages done, and a couple kinda-done, and decided to spend a few hours in the studio today, completing some pages.

Off I go, into my beee-uuuuu-teeee-ful studio to find this.

StudioDirty1 StudioDirty2

Ooops, it would appear that either burglars came in and RANSACKED the place, or I haven’t cleaned it in 3 months….

After an hour or so of actually putting stuff where it belonged (such a CRAZY concept), I had three clean tables, and an accesible cutting space.


SO.  First off, I took all the ephemera that I’d collected during the trip, and ripped and tore and cut out bits that I thought I might use.  I actually don’t use a lot of “glued in” stuff when I’m journalling, I mostly just draw and/or paint, but I want to do this journal a little differently.

There are 42 pages in this Journal.  Here are the first few completed pages.

I did this doorway scene twice.  The first time, it was just too dark:

13a 13b

I was using my little travel paints, and a “bleedy” pen, and the whole thing just wasn’t right…  So, in this next version, I used better paints, and was very mindful of the colors – I’m much happier with it.  These flowering archways/doorways are just everywhere, and were blooming so lushly…

12a 12b

Next up, I wanted to remember our awesome Segway Tour of Paris, so I glued a city map across two pages


I knew I couldn’t draw Paul’s face, but I COULD draw the rest of the image, so I drew this, and added a photo of his cute little face

2_3b 2_3c 2_3d

Lastly, for today, anyway, geraniums in window boxes.  Soooo gorgeous, all over Paris, and everywhere else we went as well, tumbling out of pots, and window boxes, and planters, and about 90% of them were gorgeous bright red.

9a 9b

I definitely DO prefer the look of the paintings/drawings, but am determined to include tickets and maps, etc. from this trip.  I’m finding those pages are MUCH harder to do………….

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8 Responses to Journal – Paris and Germany Trip (1)

  1. The Favorite One says:

    What a great way to remember your trip

  2. Susanne says:

    Loved the pictures you have captured .. they are still there in your minds eye .. dig deep and paint .. Love what you have done so far .. Susanne

  3. Jen says:

    I just love your carefree style but I know you put a lot of time and effort into making it look loose. You remember to leave white bits and that makes it so effective. I love Paul’s picture superimposed on his body. It all looks great.

  4. Moe says:

    Great idea. Hope I get to see the real thing,

  5. Gwen says:

    Love the way you are journalling!

  6. jo says:

    Absolutely awesome Cher….looking forward to seeing them up close 🙂

  7. Paulie says:

    Good looking guy on the Segway!

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