Arting With Jen – Project 5, 2015 (Cher)

Darn, stupid evil Nature!!!  I’ve never liked painting en plein air, I find it a whole lot of work, but here’s just one more reason why I don’t like it.

We went to a Botanical Garden, and while the guys wandered the grounds, Jen and I sat and drew in our Journals.  I completed a really nice piece of a flower that hangs down from a Java Plum Tree.  It produces fat black berries that fall and explode and stain everything in their vicinity a deep dark purple.  I’m sitting there waiting for my piece to dry, and BAM, down drops a purple explosion, right into the middle of a previous day’s art – gahhhhh!

Anyway, here’s what I drew.  This flower is about 10 inches long.


I intentionally squashed a berry at the bottom of the picture, the color was SO lucious.  It was all over our shoes when we left.


And here’s where the berry fell out of the tree onto a previous piece, grrrrrrr


You probably can’t see it, but there are “sploosh” stains spreading out from the middle of the flower and stem area.

Jen’s still working on her piece…….


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10 Responses to Arting With Jen – Project 5, 2015 (Cher)

  1. Susanne says:

    wow .,, what a great painting Cher .. .. grr is right ..

    Jen I love the beach scene above ..

    Keep on painting .. you guys get better everyday


  2. Lauren says:

    Your art spilleth over, or is it the otherway, nature spilleth over on your art 🙂 Such trials and tribulations. Jealous , day 66 of rain here.

  3. The Favorite One says:

    You poor thing!!!!! STOP YOUR WINEING!!!!

  4. Lorna says:

    That’s what they call a piece or original art…will sell for millions!!!!!?

  5. Your painting is looking great!

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