Arting With Jen – Postcards, 2015

Here are our latest creations – postcards to send back home.

Mine, birds on the branches of a Coffee Bean Tree


Jen’s, a Donkey Goat and a Puffer Fish

Jen_PostCard1 Jen_PostCard2

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10 Responses to Arting With Jen – Postcards, 2015

  1. Ev says:

    Wow, just gorgeous (and oh so talented) ladies !!

  2. The Favorite One says:

    They are Great, looking foreward to getting one in the mail.

  3. The Favorite One says:

    Cher I think Jen’s donkey is a goat. How many crowns have you had???

  4. Lorna says:

    All three pieces are fabulous.

  5. Susanne Bourgh says:

    wow … love your multiple shades of green Cher and love the Puffer fish .. Jen .. you have captured his face expression wonderfully .. Keep[ up the good work !! Suz

  6. Moe says:

    So much fun…and love the results.

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