Preparing for the Art Show

So, only 1 more sleep till the Rotary Wine Festival and Art Show, and I’m feeling surprisingly ready.

I spent about 4 hours adding Hanging-Wire-and-Hardware, and then another 4 hours making BubbleWrap Pockets for all the paintings.  From now on, I’ll add the Hanging Hardware and make the Pocket as soon as the painting is finished – doing 20 in one sitting was NOT a pleasant job!

Pictures in BubbleWrap Pockets

Although the Bubble Wrap was an onerous task, it was well worth it.  I can transport them to-and-from the show without damage, and it’s an instant package should someone choose to purchase one.

The truck is completely loaded with tables, easels, “walls”, tablecloths, chairs, etc etc etc.  I have very detailed “ToDo” and “TakeWith” lists, and this made it easy to ensure that I’ll have everything I need when we get there tomorrow to set up.

I’m excited and a teeny tiny bit nervous – wish me luck!



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5 Responses to Preparing for the Art Show

  1. The Favorite One says:

    You don’t need luck, as I said before you re an ARTIST.

  2. debrodie says:

    hola   we wish you luck   deb bxo

  3. Susanne Bourgh says:

    so glad you at excited .. I am sorry to send my regrets.. looking forward to chatting with you .. I am unable to come .. BUT I am very proud of you .. Hugs Susanne

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