Scrap Paint and an Abstract

So, I wanted a break from the paintings I was doing, and tried an abstract.  I might do a whole series in the “Cross” format.

Cross SeriesA

The “scrap-paint-scraped-off-the-table” birds are taking way longer than I intended.  This was just supposed to be a quick, funky, little exercise.  For anyone who wants to try this, I’ll tell you what NOT to do!

Don’t make a detailed or busy background.  There are SO many colors in the form, that it will just fight with any color you put on the background.  I had colored the canvas in a pretty cool mottled blue-green.  As you can see, this is NOT working with the bird colors.


Then I tried to paint around the shape with really dark blue – nope, not working.


I have now painted around the shape in WHITE.  You can finally actually see the birds – they pop nicely.


I’ll probably wash the white with, say, yellow, or pink, but I’ll leave a very small border of white around the edge of the birds.  Also, I still need to add the line that they’re sitting on.


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2 Responses to Scrap Paint and an Abstract

  1. The Favorite One says:

    You always amaze me (in a good way)

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