Tiger Number 2

I’ve decided that it’s important to have 3 different Price Points when I’m at the Art Show, so I’m doing a few paintings on 10″ x 10″ canvasses.  I just started this tiger – frankly, it’s not as good as the first tiger, but maybe that’s because there’s no background?  This is just the beginning – I’ll be adding and subtracting colors, and finishing the eyes, and THEN adding the black scribbly outline.

What’s surprising is that it’s taking as long to do this very small painting as it did to do the big one – who knew?  I’ve spent about 2.5 hours on this already, and will spend at least another 2 hours on it before it’s finished.

I think, at this point, that the blacks are TOO black and need to be toned down a bit, and I think it needs more white in a few spots.   Feel free to give me your feedback!



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7 Responses to Tiger Number 2

  1. Adams says:

    I am looking at it close up and I don’t think the black is too dark. I like that it is so asymetrical. More blue on one side. None of the black markings are repeated. I agree the eyes need more work. I’m not sure about more white, but when I look at your first tiger, I do like the white. I like the chin/mouth better in your first tiger. This one looks a bit more like a beard.

  2. Evelyn Parent says:

    I like the black, but think maybe the nose needs to be darker (but what do I know …. hence sending my comments directly rather than on the blog). Also, Cher, does he have wiskers??

    • mckitt123 says:

      OK, you’re the third one to say the black is OK, so I’ll leave it as is for now. He WILL have whiskers, but they’ll be the last thing that gets painted in. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. The Favorite One says:

    Like the first one better

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