Clay Vases

I spent the day in the studio, and took a break from painting.  I’ve decided to try to make some vases for the Art Show that I’m in in July, but yikes, it took me FOREVER to make two little vases!  This will show you just how powerful color is.  These vases look quite bleak right now, but once I lay down some underglazes, they are going to be gorgeous.  I hope…..  Maybe not.  Who knows, till they’re fired, ha….

This one is fairly small, about 5″ tall.  I intend to paint it with black underglaze, and then white, and scrape back some kind of asian’ish design, or maybe write some song lyrics on it.

AsianB AsianA

This one’s about 12-13″ tall, and has tons of detail pressed and stamped and drawn and scraped into it.  I’m hoping that multiple washes of underglaze will make it all pop like crazy.

HeavilyEmbossedA HeavilyEmbossedB HeavilyEmbossedC HeavilyEmbossedD HeavilyEmbossedE

Admittedly, they took so long because they are one-offs.  If either of them turn out, I can replicate them much faster than it took to make the first one.  I hope……

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  1. The Favorite One says:

    Looking forward to seeing them finished

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